The Friday Five: A Weekly News Recap


The Friday Five is a new project by Realpolitik designed to help readers catch up on the important news of the week. Every Friday, we will post five articles about current events that we find important, with brief descriptions of the various works. We hope that you will post this and other editions of the Friday Five on Facebook or Twitter, or if you follow us by e-mail, you could forward the list of articles to your friends! By doing so, you will help raise awareness about important news items, while at the same time boosting the viewership of Realpolitik. We hope to find articles that offer original insight on a current event, but we also want to give you news tips of stories that haven’t yet become breaking news. So, we hope you’ll enjoy the second-ever edition of Realpolitik’s Friday Five!

1. The New Yorker: Iran’s Choice on Election Day

2. The New York Times: Toll of Homes Destroyed in Colorado Wildfire Rises to Hundreds; 2 Bodies Found

3. Reuters: U.S. Considers No-Fly Zone After Syria Crosses Nerve Gas ‘Red Line

4. Washington Post: Chris Christie + Bill Clinton = Perfect Together?

5. UPI: Pair of Boston Parking Spots Sell for $560,000



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